When we are starting a new project sometimes we feel a little bit insecure about what we are doing, where to start, defining budgets, present our ideas, etc. Well, we all being there! That’s why I want to share with you 6 tips in order to lose your fear and start your own Floral Business.

1.- Just do it. Look for flowers around you; floral markets, nurseries, gardens. Get familiar with flowers around you.

2.- Try to do it yourself. Google floral designers you like and take your time to see what they do.

3.-Don’t worry about results, just to be in contact with flowers make you be more familiar with it.

4.-Buy some flowers of the colors you like and see their different tones they get as they age.

5.- Buy flowers with different sizes, textures and shapes.

6.- Take your time. Take this as an opportunity to be on your own and connect with nature. It’s always rewarding.