When we talk about threading technique what means is that will be crossing the stems inside our hand, and that the hand will be like the vessel that supports the stems. Our hand will support the flowers not hold the flowers. I will explain in detail; step by step, how to develop this method to achieve a loose, romantic bouquet, full of texture.



  • Choosing Color Palette.
  • Preparing Flowers and Foliage.
  • Starting with the Threading Technique: movements of the hand.
  • Shape and movement with foliage and flowers.
  • How to achieve texture and softness.
  • Placing your flowers, layering them, focal flowers and choose flowers to create movement in your bouquet.
  • Thinking in two perspectives: the front and the back.
  • Use of the mirror.


  • Scenario #2: How to achieve the same color palette with limited resources.



I like the authenticity of the class, I can see the true process how an arrangement is created

Nikki Zeng

Love how Gaby’s intuitive placement, respect and honoring or the flower comes thru in your teaching. Lot of levels to this that I am still processing. While pruning my Mature Cedar and Fir trees today I was thinking of it as a whispy arching centerpiece. It was fun to allow the tree to shape me, and to have it movement where in the past I might have remove to much and inhibited this. I have done lots of landscaping, horticulture and love leaf structure, color and texture. Flowers for me have always been extra. I took Floret online class and became inspired to germinate, plant flowers. This has been amazing, but mostly what I have gains so far from your class is to see what I have right now, in my yard, around me, this time of year, like migrating birds have their time and place, and needs. Rambling. But your gentle spirt is to aspire to. In the past I would make bouquets out of any flower, plant that fell over in my landscape. A gift of sorts. Now so many more possibilities.. Thank you


I thoroughly enjoyed the class and learned many tips and tricks that I have really improved my work. I loved hearing your thought process and how you achieve such delicate airy centerpieces that really show off the true essence of the beautiful flowers. I particularly love your emphasis on intention, this really struck home to me as it was something I was not considering before. The class also convinced me to finally take the leap and expand my flower garden at home. I’m not completely sure what I’m doing, but it has already been very rewarding and I’m learning a lot in the process, so thank you for inspiring me.

Rebecca Lukac

Love the fact that you did two centerpieces; the instructions you give when you design are helpful and watching two designs you get to see the similarities between both; having examples of flowers and info on them; I wasn’t able to participate in the question period this time around, but love the fact that we can ask! I enjoyed hearing your answers 🙂

Darquise Patenaude

Gaby gives many ideas and shares her knowledge in her course. She is open to honestly answer any questions and gove extra tips.

Paulina Romano

I loved the natural feel and the way Gabriela is working through the arrangement as you would do normally. I love to hear her thought process as she places the stems. I also absolutely love the setting, outside with the gentle wind blowing, it’s beautiful.

Elaine Parkinson

I really enjoy the emphasis Gabriela puts on growing your own flowers and creating that relationship. This is the part I enjoy the most because I’m currently trying to work with material exclusively from my parent rose garden and expand the garden with new flower varieties.

Lily Dolarian

I loved the camera angle, from Gabriela’s view and overall. I felt Gabriela was on point with regards to showing online attendees the different angles which can be challenging via online learning. Gabriela’s realistic approach to design and conveying to viewers the importance of trying flowers in different spots rather than forcing them. I think she gives permission to worry worst that it is okay to place and replace the flours. She has the most soothing and encouraging voice-a trait I love and appreciate.

Ann P. Reid

I loved your style of teaching and your connection to the flowers. There are many courses that teach you the technical side of floristry but what you teach and the way you teach it is why I chose your course over others.


We make it easy.


Stop worrying about forgetting the information you learn form an in-class course. You can learn at your own time and revisit the content anytime you want for one year.


You can watch from different camera angles what Gabriela is doing, where is placing each flower so you can really understand and learn.


Sometimes you watch a Floral Design Video Lesson and you don’t know where the instructor buy a certain flower. That’s why we include a list of the flowers are used in the classes and the suppliers.



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